Taking the “Train” in San Cipriano

A few weeks ago we took the bus from Cali to San Cipriano, which is located close to Buenaventura at the pacific coast.

2015-11-02 18_04_42-San Cipriano, Buenaventura, Valle del Cauca - Google Maps

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The final stop of our roundtrip through Colombia was Cartagena. The city is probably the most touristy one in Colombia and one of the few places you get along well without speaking Spanish. It’s a nice place to visit for it’s colonial building style though 2 days is definately enough to spend in the city.


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This is the first stop of a round trip that we took during a week of vacation on July.
From what I had heard about Bogota it was supposed to be a huge city with a lot of rain that was not very nice to vist. Well as least the part with the rain was true as it rained almost all day and had only 15 degrees. That’s something that I’m not used to any more by living in Cali 🙂 Continue reading